[VIDEO] Rappertag 23 - Stig Of The Dump

One of the best verses i've heard from Stig recently, nice, well paced, some great lines and delivered like the professional he is. Great video. You can grab the track from his bandcamp at: http://stigofthedumpuk.bandcamp.com/track/rappertag-23-free-d-l

A quick note on Rappertag for those that dont know...
The idea for Rapper Tag was originally conceived by Melbourne artist Matt Cowell aka 360. The initial idea was taken from a US Emcee who had coined the similar idea called “Rap Tag Game”. Essentially, Rapper Tag is a online cypher. 1 rapper spits a verse and passes the virtual mic on to the next rapper or tags him in. Similar to how a cypher would work in real life. The Australian Rappertag is 45 videos in now, and still going strong, with the UK quickly catching up.

Check out both games at www.rappertag.tv

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