[INTERVIEW] Leddie and Smoggy

Leddie and Smoggy have been on the North-East hiphop scene since the dawn of Speakeasy all those many moons ago. First coming onto our radar as part of a crew called Northern Lights, these two have struck out on their own and made quite the impression on a national scale. They're set to drop a new single, so we caught up with Leddie this morning to ask her some questions and find out what's going on...

For those who don’t know, who are Leddie & Smoggy?

We're a Hip Hop duo from Middlesbrough, consisting of me (Leddie) - a female MC and beatmaker and Smoggy, a male MC.

Speakeasy veterans will remember you as part of Northern Lights. Now you're rolling with the People's Army. How did that all come about?

I (Leddie) released a solo track years ago called "This Will Be" and uploaded it to Myspace (It was that long ago...) messaged it to the likes of Logic, Lowkey etc and next thing I knew Logic was inviting me into the movement. 2/3 months later I was asked to support Chester P and Logic and Lowkey in LDN and asked Smog if he'd be my hype man and it all spiralled from there ...And thats how L&S kind of started.

So we hear you've got a new single dropping soon. care to tell us about it? What other stuff can we download or buy and where from?

Yesssssssssssssssss, finally, we have something new dropping after convincing people its coming for a very long time. Its been a long process, but the first single is dropping Jan 8th on iTunes, along with the video - revamping the site to coincide (www.LeddieAndSmoggy.co.uk) You can download anything we have done so far from LeddieAndSmoggy.bandcamp.com, for now ...Not sure how long for though... 

Who in Hip hop are you currently listening too and who influences you?

We both listen to a lot of Macklemore lately. I was introduced to his music by a friend and I showed Smog his stuff and he loved it. I have a few influences, but it isnt just their music, its their whole lifestyle. Genesis Elijah influences me a lot, flying round the world doing show's in different countries, making music he loves and paying bills from it. He makes me realise that its doable and people telling us it isnt are lying. Theres a market for everything, the problem is, most people forget the rest of the world and focus locally, then when it doesnt take off quickly, they get disheartened and give up.

What do you think of the North East HipHop scene and who are you rating?

I think it still has a lot of growing to do, but its developing at a nice pace. Off the top of my head, I rate the likes of Chattabox, Brainfeeders, Skrufz, Text Offenders and Jister ...I try not to use the word 'rate' purely because even if i dont like an artists music, it doesnt mean i dont respect them for what theyre doing, it just isnt to my own personal taste. Im looking forward to seeing how the NE looks in a few years time from now.

Whats next for Leddie and Smoggy?

The singles/videos along with the album in a few months time, and see what comes of that ...Were already working on the next project, which has no timescale on it ...We're both just awaiting people's reactions from the effort's weve put into this album. The Mix CD was verses from 5/6 years ago, recorded over random beats and released and did more for us than we had ever expected. The albums more structured and focused.

Where can people catch you live? Any shows coming up?

At the moment, we arent taking bookings for shows as were focusing on the new material. Id like the next show we do to be the launch for the album, and then travel as much as possible with it...

Highlights of 2012? What are you looking forward to for 2013?

This year has been an absolute nightmare for me, ...but, headlining at Middlesbrough Empire and having people sing our tracks, word for word, absolutely mental... Recording the video for the single because it felt like a mini milestone ...Im looking forward to dropping this album and hearing what people think of it because I dont think its what people will expect in comparison to what we have released already. I dont particularly believe in the "2013 is my year" bull, but I definitely think its the beginning, and start of our journey to where we'd like to end up.

Shout out to Alex Bailey and Joe Sensation.


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