[NEWS] Forum overhaul, new features...

It's been a long time coming. The forums have been dead for a long time since the last overhaul.
This time, i've stripped back the mount of boards to the very basics. I've added image hosting and YouTube embedding options to the forum and made the colour scheme a whole less confusing. I will be tweaking it as we go, i'm currently working on Facebook integration as well as working the forum Events feed into the blog and Twitter so you can post YOUR own events to OUR streams. And i'm told there will be a major upgrade in the forum software in the next three months to a new sleek web 2.0 design. Until then, we've given you a completely clean slate.
We'd love people to get involved again and help make the forum the thriving place it once was many many years ago.

I'll be posting as much content as I can to the forum in the members areas and submissions for the blog should be done through the forum as well so get signed up and start getting involved in the North East's thriving hip hop community.

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