We are pleased to be able to announce the battles for Don't Flop Newcastle.




Tickets go LIVE online on Friday 1st February from Skiddle.com
Tickets also available from Beatdown Records & Independent Fashion Space

Get em quick!!

[NEWS] Don't Flop Newcastle // Speakeasy TV

Full details have been released and the Facebook event is now live!! come and show your support by checking out the event page HERE


Also, today, our Youtube channel went LIVE with some great verses from some of the North-East's promising artists. Go check it out HERE

So far, we've got verses from BARRABUS, KAYAZ, REX REGIS, MIZER, CYPHA and H-MAN. Many many more to come...

[VIDEO] Seek The Northerner & Morgz on The Bottomless Crates Show

Seek & Morgz braved the Baltic conditions at the time and traveled up from Burnley to Newcastle to perform the set, which was well appreciated; salute. There are a couple of jumps in the video due the audio coming from the Mixlr feed (internet lagging) but it doesn't take anything away from how good it was. Enjoy.

[FREE] Don't Flop Newcastle - Desktop Wallpaper

We made this to use on some of our sites, and then we thought "fuck it, we'll give it out just in case anyone wants it". Wallpaper for your computers like hew. Beltaz.

[VIDEO] Top Boy Round Here - Top Boy 4 Life

Dap, Silvar and new addition Lexie come with this explicit club track, riding the P Diddy anthem "Bad Boy For Life". Set against a sunny backdrop, and carrying rhymes about girls, sex and parties, it's safe to say this group doesn't give a fuck what you think. And why should they? They seem to be having too much fun...

As a bonus, they've included a link to their FREE mixtape "Unstoppable". Check it out for more Top Boy antics.

[FREE TRACK] H-Man - Honour and Pride

Another free track from the man like H-Man. Clickety Click!

[FREE TRACK] Figarate - Full Stop

Figarate drops a new one for thems that know.


Yep, that's right. We've been asked on numerous occassions if there are going to be local tryouts to join the Don't Flop league. Well, after much discussion with Eurgh, we decided to give you what you wanted. And so, if you'd like to apply to tryout for Don't Flop please post your details in the thread located in our Member's Section. Good luck battlers!

[TRACK] Bizz - Reckless

Over here at Speakeasy HQ, we can't help but be impressed by Bizz's workrate. We've been bumping his mixtape quite a lot, and his most recent video "OG" with Topman was a quality entry in the history of grime in the north-east. This track does not fail to deliver, with sharp, well thought out bars over a track reminiscent of the famous "Tubular Bells". We can't wait for next big video - "BOOM".

[FREE TRACKS] R.G. - Stranger To the Game

RG drops his second proper LP on Hektik Records. This lad has come a long way since his first mixtape, and it's nice to see he stuck at it and got to the level he's at now. Good work

[FREE TRACKS] Barzin - One Kind Favour

’One Kind Favour’ is the new album from multi-instrumentalist producer Barzin, featuring ‘favours’ in the form of guest verses from rappers around the North East region of England including Supanice, Baron Von Alias, Suus, Deej, Smooth Jezza, Kayaz, J-Man, Rick Fury, Deffinition, UCallMeSir, Rex Regis, Conscript and MistaBreeze.

Wanting to move away from the more traditional boom-bap sound that has become associated with the North East hip-hop scene, ‘One Kind Favour,’ sees Barzin pitting the region’s finest emcees against instrumentals that sit outside of the boundaries of what would be traditionally considered “hip-hop.”

Taking inspiration from his own diverse musical taste, Barzin uses live instrumentation throughout the project which covers a wide range of genres and hopes to demonstrate the diversity of the talent that exists in his local area.

[VIDEO] Dean-O ft Big Cal - Mirrors

Deon-O and Big Cal drop introspective bars over this Lil Wayne beat and come with a montage video to match. Check it!

[TRACKS] Leddie & Smoggy - Walk The Line

Leddie & Smoggy drop their new single "Walk The Line". A great track and with a accapella for all those producers to fox with, this is an excellent little purchase. Get it done.

[EVENT] Ghetto Method presents "Love Jam" graffiti event!

The Ghetto Method crew and Co Musica present a Valentine's themed Graffiti Jam. Running from 11am on Saturday 16th February, 35 local artists will take to the walls and show their skills with the spraycan. Should be a lot of the hiphop community down, so get up early and watch the artists at work.

Venue: Co Musica Hall of Fame, Behind the Sage Building, Gateshead.

[VIDEO] Bizz & Topman - OG

Well, these two just raised the bar on double time in the north-east. Great video, great beat, and ferocious bars from both MCs. Absolute genuine reload business.

[VIDEO] RC-50 #39 - Handsy

This lad's first video and well, it's great. His flow is tight and confident with some excellent lines scattered throughout. Impressed.

[EVENT] Newcastle City Cypher - January

IT'S BACK! The Cypher continues with the en masse gathering in Newcastle City Centre. The last two were HUGE and this one should be the biggest yet. Spread the word!
Meet at Monument, 3pm, Saturday 26th Jan.
Tell Everyone.

[VIDEO] The Projekt - Spaceship

Projekt drop a concept track where they are aliens. It sounds daft, but it's been done quite well, and the video even has the words so you can get space age too. Agent Mulder has been playing it on repeat for hours now...

[VIDEO] Don't Flop - Deffinition vs Mark Grist

Newcastle's very own Deffinition takes on Mark Grist in this phenomenal battle.
you can catch Deffinition battling LIVE at Don't Flop Newcastle on Friday March 1st. Keep checking the blog, or check our twitter or facebook for more details.

[VIDEO] Topman - #NEGK

#NEGK - which apparently stands for "North East Grime Kid" is, admittedly a banger of a track. the bars flow thick and fast, with Topman switching up flows and styles. Video isnt too shabby either. good stuff.

[VIDEO] Ken Masters LIVE on the Bottomless Crates

It's Ken Masters. Say no more. Watch and learn.


Hard-working MC, Zico, drops his mixtape. If you havn't seen this man hosting one of his numerous dubstep or dnb bookings, then check him out. He's EVERYWHERE! And now he's giving you SIX tracks for the paltry sum of £1 sterling. That's less than a bag of chips. Grab it.

[TRACKS] The Militantz & Militia - The Beginning

The Militantz drop a new mixtape for your listening pleasure. Featuring Smooth Jezza and Conscript, you should probably check it out...

[VIDEO] Just B & H-Man - On Point

It seems we missed this little banger when it dropped a couple moths ago, so here it is with a full video and free download. Some nice multis, and the beat's produced by Steesh too so you know it's nice...

[MIX] The Bottomless Crates Show - 2/1/13

The Bottomless Crates Radio Show 132 - 2/1/13 by The Bottomless Crates on Mixcloud

Catch up with this week's Bottomless Crates show if you missed it. Here's what happened...
The Bottomless Crates juggernaut rolls on into our 5th year with another stormer of a show! We'll be perusing a whole catalogue of new releases including Killamari Allstars Vol 2, We have Crates in the States (hopefully) with ESKO, more turntable wizardry from pioneer CUTMASTER SWIFT, North East hip hop from Image, Just B, Figarate, Zico and Poetiks and loads of brand new tracks from the likes of MC Shan & Slicerman, Mystro, Cruger, Verbal Contact, Animated Spitters, Insane Macbeth and a shedload more!

Catch it LIVE every week from www.thebottomlesscrates.co.uk

[FREE TRACKS] The Poetiks - Fun's Over

More Free goodness from the Poetiks. If you enjoyed the album we posted a few weeks ago, you'll enjoy this. Grab it!

[VIDEO] BigSceneTV - Absorb

Newcastle grime MC Absorb goes in with some fire bars in the latest Big Scene video. Big.

[FREE TRACKS] Just B - Storeys Above

The first release from newly formed Hek-Tik Records. These lads are putting in a lot of work. Check em out.


The Killamari camp kicks off our 2013 with Volume 2 of their epic KILLAMARI ALLSTARS LP. Featuring huge tracks from Chattabox, Gremii Da Muke, Rick Fury, Aems and many many more, this should be your first download of the year. Grab it now.