After releasing his free LP with Pro P just a couple of weeks ago, Suus is already releasing new material from a different project. Here's the debut single from his album "Boy Done Good", coming out in 2013, entitled "Back Home"

Buy it now:
Bandcamp - http://cjmusicgroup.bandcamp.com/
iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/back-home-single/id578387485


The North-east scene just keeps getting bigger by the day. Stumbled upon this new channel today, which features several rappers i've never heard of. Good to see the scene thriving. Anyway, check out the YouTube Channel and hit "Subscribe". Now.

[FREE TRACKS] Suus & Pro P - The Breakfast LP

Suus drops his new LP. FOR FREE. Mainly recognised for his blazing performances in the Don't Flop battle league, this LP showcases Suus' versatility. Get it now!