Deej - Hitz from the 70s

Skrufz member and North East hip-hop legend Deej is back with his first solo album on Killamari Records... It is available HERE featuring Adlib, A.D.S and Egfu

Chattabox and Sam Otis feat. Mac Lethal

North East native Chattabox has just released this catchy tune with Sam Otis, featuring Scribble Jam champion and battle legend, Kansas City's Mac Lethal DOWNLOAD HERE FOR FREE

Rick Fury - Tracksuit Top Wearing MUSIC VIDEO

Rick Fury- Tracksuit Top Wearing from D.O.T.T on Vimeo.

Taken from the album Full Belt

Filmed and Edited by James Coyle.

More Projekt Music

after releasing their mixtape 'Help Us Get Off The Dole' (buy HERE) - The Projekt are back with a new tune... enjoy