Although I grimaced at the obvious use of Bob Marley (It's been done to death peoples, leave it alone now), I did enjoy this track. The flow is good solid double time, it switches patterns and tempos and Inc is nice and clear. Pretty good for his "second demo track". 
One you put on at a party.
Twitter: @inc_NCL // Beat produced by SKYWLKR // Mixed by Ronnie Young


Crook based rappers Bizz and TIGGA are a tag team that we featured a few posts ago when they dropped their RC-50. This is their release, and it's FREE. As if you hadnt feasted on good north-east hip hop before christmas, this is the second helping. A solid lp with some interesting skits thrown in for good measure? You decide *big brother voice*

[VIDEO] Get Slated - Pamflit vs Jack Sexton

The Get Slated battle league has been garnering a fair amount of attention online in the last couple of months, and recently they played host to Don't Flop regular PAMFLIT who battled the North-East's own JACK SEXTON. Some great bars are dropped, and both MCs deliver some hilarious lines. If you don't laugh at some point in this battle, i'll give you a tenner.

[CLASSIC] Sewafunk - Stolen Mics

Well, they say the Internet never forgets, and I guess this is a prime example. I was amazed to stumble upon this album online. Harking back to what some describe as the "golden" age of north-east hiphop, this is Sewafunk - Sammee Dee, Railinz and Baggie. The go-to classic most people will know is "Holidays" but the rest of the album is in a similar vein. Grab this now before it's too late.

[FREE TRACKS] Poetiks - Retribution

Well, this was an absolute pleasure to listen to. I'd never heard of Poetiks, which comprises of Ego Trip, Prospekt and CeeJay before I heard this, but I want to hear more. You can hear an American influence in the music, and one of the MCs drops the occassional americanism, but we'll let them off because of the quality of the overall product. The beats are big and brash, the bars are, on the whole part, tight and well recorded. The hooks are quality, appealing and catchy. Again, the american influence is obvious, however, it never gets cheesy, and each track stands up on it's own as a quality record. A must listen.
Best Track: War Music

[VIDEO] Eme Narc - 3rd Eye

Eme Narc comes with his new video. Electronic beats, and visuals that remind me of dance music stalwarts The Shamen and Orbital, Eme raps his bars confidently and his flow emanates a warped style that fits the beat and video well. Check it out.

[TRACK] Mayan Ransom ft Hitman - Astronaughts Anonymous

Hailing from Middlesborough, this singer / rapper comes in with a big room emotive track with nods towards labyrynth and tinie tempah in the style of song structure. Check him out.

[VIDEO] Rappertag 23 - Stig Of The Dump

One of the best verses i've heard from Stig recently, nice, well paced, some great lines and delivered like the professional he is. Great video. You can grab the track from his bandcamp at: http://stigofthedumpuk.bandcamp.com/track/rappertag-23-free-d-l

A quick note on Rappertag for those that dont know...
The idea for Rapper Tag was originally conceived by Melbourne artist Matt Cowell aka 360. The initial idea was taken from a US Emcee who had coined the similar idea called “Rap Tag Game”. Essentially, Rapper Tag is a online cypher. 1 rapper spits a verse and passes the virtual mic on to the next rapper or tags him in. Similar to how a cypher would work in real life. The Australian Rappertag is 45 videos in now, and still going strong, with the UK quickly catching up.

Check out both games at www.rappertag.tv

[VIDEO] Plectrum Inc - "Love Monster"

Yet more new acts to report on. This time, something a bit different. Plectrum Inc sent us this video and track "Love Monster". It's an acoustic guitar tune with a decent singer which i could easily see being appealing to a wide audience, but with a rapper who, although his bars and timing suit the track, has the oddest accent. Apparently, they're from Sunderland. In their own words:
It was only two hours into the year 2012, when Adam Penman (24) and Lloyd Joyce (21) met at a mutual friends house party. After a few drinks Lloyd was singing and playing guitar, and after a few more Adam found himself rapping over the top. From that moment the lads knew they were onto something good and arranged to work together on a project. This was only meant to be one song, but ended up turning into what is know today as Plecdrum.Inc.

After eight creative hours in Broadwater Studios, Plecdrum.Inc had their first two singles, and immediately wanted more. They began practising religiously every sunday until they had enough material for their debut album. Jangled Nerves was the name they settled on, because of their "Adams" addiction to energy drinks, and is due to be released early 2013.

Aswell as trips to the studio they decided on making a music video for their single 'Love Monster', a song about the demise of a man because of a woman. The video was shot in sunderland, and took two days to shoot. They used friends in the video rather than actors, to say thanks for their support and for bringing Plecdrum.Inc together. The video racked up a thousand views in less than a week and got the lads their first gig, supporting Top Boy Round Here at The Cluny 2, Newcastle.

After the success of their live performance, Plecdrum.Inc are looking to take their music to many events across the North East and beyond, and play as many gigs as possible to increase their fan base and popularity in time for the release of Jangled Nerves.

This pair are bringing something different to the table, and having only worked together for a year, will hopefully grow and potentially deliver some great music. Keep an eye out!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/plecdruminc/love-monster
Download the MP3: http://cdbaby.com/cd/plecdruminc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PlecdrumInc
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PlecdrumInc

Rapper? MC? We want YOU for the ultimate North-East showcase.

Ok. it's been tried before, there have been numerous collab tracks. this time however, we want to do it RIGHT. We want the BEST rappers, lyricists, MCs in the region to send us 8 BARS of absolute fire for an Instrumental we'll reveal on Monday. We want as many good MCs on one track as a showcase for our region. We don't care if you're a Hip Hop, Garage or Makina MC. We want the BEST. Check out the Member's Area of our forum for details, terms & conditions, and info on how to enter.
Good Luck!

[FREE TRACK] Text Offenders - Bar Humbug

Getting right into the Christmas spirit here, Text Offenders drop a heavyweight couple of minutes filled with intricate and clever rhymes. As always. Download and play it to your gran over Christmas dinner. On repeat.

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?1scooc6l6kumk1z

[INTERVIEW] Leddie and Smoggy

Leddie and Smoggy have been on the North-East hiphop scene since the dawn of Speakeasy all those many moons ago. First coming onto our radar as part of a crew called Northern Lights, these two have struck out on their own and made quite the impression on a national scale. They're set to drop a new single, so we caught up with Leddie this morning to ask her some questions and find out what's going on...

For those who don’t know, who are Leddie & Smoggy?

We're a Hip Hop duo from Middlesbrough, consisting of me (Leddie) - a female MC and beatmaker and Smoggy, a male MC.

Speakeasy veterans will remember you as part of Northern Lights. Now you're rolling with the People's Army. How did that all come about?

I (Leddie) released a solo track years ago called "This Will Be" and uploaded it to Myspace (It was that long ago...) messaged it to the likes of Logic, Lowkey etc and next thing I knew Logic was inviting me into the movement. 2/3 months later I was asked to support Chester P and Logic and Lowkey in LDN and asked Smog if he'd be my hype man and it all spiralled from there ...And thats how L&S kind of started.

So we hear you've got a new single dropping soon. care to tell us about it? What other stuff can we download or buy and where from?

Yesssssssssssssssss, finally, we have something new dropping after convincing people its coming for a very long time. Its been a long process, but the first single is dropping Jan 8th on iTunes, along with the video - revamping the site to coincide (www.LeddieAndSmoggy.co.uk) You can download anything we have done so far from LeddieAndSmoggy.bandcamp.com, for now ...Not sure how long for though... 

Who in Hip hop are you currently listening too and who influences you?

We both listen to a lot of Macklemore lately. I was introduced to his music by a friend and I showed Smog his stuff and he loved it. I have a few influences, but it isnt just their music, its their whole lifestyle. Genesis Elijah influences me a lot, flying round the world doing show's in different countries, making music he loves and paying bills from it. He makes me realise that its doable and people telling us it isnt are lying. Theres a market for everything, the problem is, most people forget the rest of the world and focus locally, then when it doesnt take off quickly, they get disheartened and give up.

What do you think of the North East HipHop scene and who are you rating?

I think it still has a lot of growing to do, but its developing at a nice pace. Off the top of my head, I rate the likes of Chattabox, Brainfeeders, Skrufz, Text Offenders and Jister ...I try not to use the word 'rate' purely because even if i dont like an artists music, it doesnt mean i dont respect them for what theyre doing, it just isnt to my own personal taste. Im looking forward to seeing how the NE looks in a few years time from now.

Whats next for Leddie and Smoggy?

The singles/videos along with the album in a few months time, and see what comes of that ...Were already working on the next project, which has no timescale on it ...We're both just awaiting people's reactions from the effort's weve put into this album. The Mix CD was verses from 5/6 years ago, recorded over random beats and released and did more for us than we had ever expected. The albums more structured and focused.

Where can people catch you live? Any shows coming up?

At the moment, we arent taking bookings for shows as were focusing on the new material. Id like the next show we do to be the launch for the album, and then travel as much as possible with it...

Highlights of 2012? What are you looking forward to for 2013?

This year has been an absolute nightmare for me, ...but, headlining at Middlesbrough Empire and having people sing our tracks, word for word, absolutely mental... Recording the video for the single because it felt like a mini milestone ...Im looking forward to dropping this album and hearing what people think of it because I dont think its what people will expect in comparison to what we have released already. I dont particularly believe in the "2013 is my year" bull, but I definitely think its the beginning, and start of our journey to where we'd like to end up.

Shout out to Alex Bailey and Joe Sensation.


[EVENT] UMT Academy Masterclass #5 - Raj Pannu

 Generator’s UMT Academy is the North East’s leading music training facility for DJs, Producers and Singers. Based in the beautiful Ouseburn valley, Generator supports musicians and artists across the North-East. They also host a whole range of events, including the UMT Emerging stage at Evolution Festival, footage of which can be seen elsewhere on this blog. We suggest signing up to their newsletter and getting involved in their events, which are highly informative and a great asset to the music industry in the North.


 UMT Academy Masterclass #005 with special guest... Raj Panni (Coldcut) 
Wednesday 19th December 6 - 8pm | Free Entry 

 Loft Music Studios 4th Floor, British India House, 15 Carliol Square (Above Metro Repro) NE1 6UF

Raj Pannu is one of the most respected DJs in the UK, having toured the world as the audio and audio visual DJ for Coldcut (Ninja Tune) and running his own label, magazine & event company Fresh Hell. Raj was commissioned by Generator & NFM to create a unique DJ and VJ experience featuring classic Old Grey Whistle Test performances for the BBC's digital arts hub The Space. In this creative masterclass he will look at visual turntablism, incorporating picture and video into your live performance and the process behind the Old Grey Whistle Twist.

"Raj Pannu has been part of the Coldcut live crew for 3 years and we've done nearly 200 amazing shows together. He is absolutely the best DJ Coldcut have worked with: his sick skills combined with a gobsmacking depth of musical knowledge are unique. Not all DJs can play the RIGHT records and play WITH the records! Raj excels at both. Plus, he rolls perfectly with Audiovisual tricknology too.” Coldcut

Spaces are extremely limited so please email bob@generator.org.uk to register.


Follow @UMT_Academy

[VIDEO] Leam & Chadabob - Poison

Ok, so the video is awful. However, the track actually isn't that bad. Decent bars, paced out nicely, the two of them flow comfortably on this haunting beat. Good work on the music.

[RADIO] The Bottomless Crates Show - 8pm

It's Wednesday! And that means only one thing!
It's the Bottomless Crates show! The shows are jammed with content, features, exclusives, interviews, freestyles and competitions. It's the perfect radio show for the North-East. I suggest you start setting aside your Wednesdays.
Every week 8-Late. 
Here's what to expect: 
Another HUGE show tonight as we welcome SMOOTH JEZZA into the studio! Been a while since his last visit so were definitely looking forward to this one! As ever we have more Crates in ther States with ESKO and some amazing hip hop from the likes of Lunar C, Jay Madden, Inkspillaz, The Skrufz, Ralph Rip Shit, DJ Rasp and LOADS more as well as an amazing guest mix from none other than the legend that is CUTMASTER SWIFT!
As always we have the Sublevel2 crew warming up from 7 with The Crates at 8pm LIVE viahttp://thebottomlesscrates.com/ or through facebook by hitting the Listen Live tab on our fan page: https://www.facebook.com/thebottomlesscrates and now also via top urban station hubhttp://www.truceradio.com/ We cant make it any easier for you! You know its the best hip hop show on earth..
You can listen back to the shows on their Mixcloud account, and get in the chatbox live from their homepage, I've done you the liberty of embedding the web player here, so you can listen from here while you download some of the great free music we've provided below, should you wish. Enjoy!

[VIDEO] RC-50 - Bizz & Topman

This is exactly what I was talking about. I posted #34 yesterday, and TODAY, the RC camp drops #35. And it's good. The intro tune had me prepared for the worst, but it actually cut to the two rappers, I was greeted with a very tight duo with great flow and plenty of clarity. Double time shit done well. Great stuff.

[VIDEO] Evolution Festival 2012 - UMT Emerging Stage

A mini documentary featuring footage from many of the great acts that performed on Generator's UMT stage this year at Evolution Festival. Every year, Generator gives up and coming acts the chance to perform at Evolution, and this year featured a large percentage of local hip hop acts. Check out the video (it's in 6 parts) produced by Aems for the occasion. Enjoy!

[NEWS] Forum overhaul, new features...

It's been a long time coming. The forums have been dead for a long time since the last overhaul.
This time, i've stripped back the mount of boards to the very basics. I've added image hosting and YouTube embedding options to the forum and made the colour scheme a whole less confusing. I will be tweaking it as we go, i'm currently working on Facebook integration as well as working the forum Events feed into the blog and Twitter so you can post YOUR own events to OUR streams. And i'm told there will be a major upgrade in the forum software in the next three months to a new sleek web 2.0 design. Until then, we've given you a completely clean slate.
We'd love people to get involved again and help make the forum the thriving place it once was many many years ago.

I'll be posting as much content as I can to the forum in the members areas and submissions for the blog should be done through the forum as well so get signed up and start getting involved in the North East's thriving hip hop community.

[TRACK] Sway - Charge Rmx ft Stig of The Dump, Lunar C, Jehst, Rizzle, Shotty Horror & Black the Ripper...

Sway? On a North-east website? Well, yes.
Aside from the fact that this track features our very own Stig of the Dump, and is, quite frankly, a banger, Sway also released a whole mixtape dedicated to our fair city. I wonder how many of you knew that?? It was the first release for Lovedough Records. See if you can seek it out. It's a true peice of Newcastle hiphop history. Anyway, check out this track, it's pretty fucking special.

[VIDEO] THE D4RKSYDE - The Jarra Song

Boom. Just watched this, well impressed. The beat is excellent and the first verse is a guarenteed winner. Not massively keen on the other two verses, i wanted more from them after the fire of the first verse, but the flows are tight all round. All in all, a quality track. Another one from the RC stable. Showing the amount of quality around at the moment.

[FREE TRACKS] G.G. - True Stories

Yet MORE free tracks this month. It seems to be raining MP3s at the moment, and with such a deluge of downloads, your brand new smart phones should be full to the brim with hiphop goodness. This 10 track mixtape should feature in there, if only for the braggadocious beats. Unfortunately, the rapping isnt quite up to scratch, there are some good lines, but the flow seems awkward in places, and were I to be mixing an accapella and a beat on two turntables, i keep wanting to nudge the accapella to get it back in time. "G.G." does however have a tone of voice that suits hip hop, especially the style of beats that he seems to be paired with on this release, and i'm looking forward to hearing what the next project will bring.

[VIDEO] North-East Cyphers Part One

This epically long video (25mins!!) showcases the current diversity and scope of the scene today. So many new faces, and some real talent shining through. It's amazing when the North-East scene gets together in one big group and hopefully, we'll see much much more of this type of thing.

[FREE TRACKS] Killamari Allstars LP

We've posted this before. However, the top lads down at Killamari have decided to give this away for FREE. Christmas has come early for fans of North-East hip hop. Killamari has quickly grown into the most prominent record label in the Northern scene, and it's roster is nothing short of top quality. Consistently high standard music from some of the best rappers in the North-East circle. If you don't have this already, you NEED to cop this NOW.

[CLASSIC] Dialect - Sick In The Head

We've featured a lot of new faces recently, and the scene is a lot bigger and more diverse than ever before with new rappers appearing quicker than I can type. This is a great thing to see, and so, we've decided to post some classics from time to time which everyone should know.
This track, is a personal favorite with great verses from all, and an unforgettable beat from Petamax. This one that always went down a storm at Dialect shows.
It's sick in the head y'knahhh...


[VIDEO] RC-50 - Mizer

The RC-50 videos keep coming thick and fast. Hard to believe we're up to number 34 already. I know i've hardly featured many of their videos on the blog, but time has it's boundaries and these RC boys move quicker than I can keep up!
check out the rest of their videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/Redempclothing

[VIDEO] No Beef Battles : Conscript vs Bam The Bastard

One of the highlights of the recent "NO BEEF" battles. this league showing potential already.

[FREE TRACKS] Conscript - Take It From Me LP

A MAMMOTH 18 tracks on this totally FREE album, again coming from The Militantz stable. how have I missed these boys til now??


Some nice multis in this. Check him out.

[VIDEO] The Militantz Ltd

A couple of recent videos have been gathering attention recently and both come from a group known as The Militantz.
First up is this from Felix Green ft Dalish. A catchy hook opens this one up...

Next up is a track called "Clique" from Smooth Jezza. Another lovely beat on this one.

what's next?

[FREE TRACK] H-Man - Me, Myself and H

Yet more free tracks from the scene this month, with this cracking track from rising star H-Man. Be sure to cop this.

edit: Just found the video! Check it out.

[FREE TRACKS] Davey Blast - Shades of Dave

Recently got handed the CD copy of this and was pleasantly suprised. The whole mixtape is a FREE download, so you've no excuse!!


Well, a bit of a buzz has been stirring on teh interwebz about this DUBLE G character. Coming from literally nowhere with two diss tracks. The first caused a little stir as he called out relative newcomer Big Cal, which was swiftly followed up by a second track - "Fuck Rex Regis" - against the more established artist Rex.

Anyway, although clearly not the most eloquent act on the scene up here, Duble seems to be causing a little stir in an otherwise currently harmonious climate. And with the guiding hand of a certain controversial artist who has been pushing Duble's videos hard over Facebook, i'm sure there will be more of these videos to come. Stay tuned kids...