[VIDEO] Plectrum Inc - "Love Monster"

Yet more new acts to report on. This time, something a bit different. Plectrum Inc sent us this video and track "Love Monster". It's an acoustic guitar tune with a decent singer which i could easily see being appealing to a wide audience, but with a rapper who, although his bars and timing suit the track, has the oddest accent. Apparently, they're from Sunderland. In their own words:
It was only two hours into the year 2012, when Adam Penman (24) and Lloyd Joyce (21) met at a mutual friends house party. After a few drinks Lloyd was singing and playing guitar, and after a few more Adam found himself rapping over the top. From that moment the lads knew they were onto something good and arranged to work together on a project. This was only meant to be one song, but ended up turning into what is know today as Plecdrum.Inc.

After eight creative hours in Broadwater Studios, Plecdrum.Inc had their first two singles, and immediately wanted more. They began practising religiously every sunday until they had enough material for their debut album. Jangled Nerves was the name they settled on, because of their "Adams" addiction to energy drinks, and is due to be released early 2013.

Aswell as trips to the studio they decided on making a music video for their single 'Love Monster', a song about the demise of a man because of a woman. The video was shot in sunderland, and took two days to shoot. They used friends in the video rather than actors, to say thanks for their support and for bringing Plecdrum.Inc together. The video racked up a thousand views in less than a week and got the lads their first gig, supporting Top Boy Round Here at The Cluny 2, Newcastle.

After the success of their live performance, Plecdrum.Inc are looking to take their music to many events across the North East and beyond, and play as many gigs as possible to increase their fan base and popularity in time for the release of Jangled Nerves.

This pair are bringing something different to the table, and having only worked together for a year, will hopefully grow and potentially deliver some great music. Keep an eye out!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/plecdruminc/love-monster
Download the MP3: http://cdbaby.com/cd/plecdruminc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PlecdrumInc
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PlecdrumInc

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