Interesting Article on Baron Von Alias & Mistabreeze

It’s hip hop, like, but not as we know it.


Excerpt:  "....... The Baron takes to the stage looking like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Fred Astaire, while his official website describes him thus: “Born in the early 1800’s, Baron Von Alias began his journey in the North of England. Armed with a family heirloom Von Alias was granted a gift so rare; the powers required for time travel.” 

This is not normal. But then neither is hearing a Geordie accent rapping. And on the basis of this, more’s the pity. Original tunes like Superheroes and the excellent Get Wild Gan Mental (a title that couldn’t be more Newcastle if it was stuffing pease pudding into it’s mouth and burning an effigy of Mike Ashley) burst forward at you, lift you up and make you feel unbelievably happy........"

Read the full Article HERE

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