Animalistix - The Zoocastle EP - FREE DOWNLOAD

The new ANIMALISTIX EP drops today! It's available from their website which you can access through the player below! Each track is available under bandcamp's "voluntary payment scheme" meaning you can choose how much you pay for the track, either FREE, or if you like their tracks and want to hear more, you can pay whatever price you like! We caught up with the ANIMALISTIX crew at their city centre studio for a bit of banter and to preview the new EP. Check em out...

For those who don’t know, who are Animalistix?

Animalitix consists of Mark Fear, unk_artist and Legaz. Fear and Unk  rap, and all three produce, although Legaz has produced all of the tracks on Zoocastle. We have been a crew for 5 years or so but have only released one album: Working Class Ethics. We’ve come a long way since then and we hope our new album will go down well. Spuggy Fitz, Smooth Jay and Slinx are our extended family but we rarely work with them these days. Possibly a new album coming with Fitz this year.

The new EP. ‘Zoocastle,” just dropped. IT’S A BANGER!! What other stuff can we download or buy and where from?

Our new album is on hold with a publishing company at the minute, so we have decided to release all the new material on this EP.  The EP is available for free on Bandcamp for now and the official album release should be available on iTunes and in shops later this year.

Who in Hip hop are you currently listening too and who influences you?

Currently listening to Rusty Juxx, Action Bronson, Sean Price, Ill Mind, the new Alchemist and OHno shit some of that’s banging.. To be honest we all listen to all genres of music so inspiration is too vast to put here! But for Hip-Hop mainly Redman, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Big Pun, Nas etc…All the shit every Hip-Hop head loves.

What do you think of the Newcastle HipHop scene and who are you rating?

The scene is ok, nothing too special though, it has its plus and minuses. We havnt been involved in much for the past couple of years.
The people we rate the most are Spuggy Fits, Text Offenders, Dialect, and Ken Masters.

Whats next for Animalistix?

World Domination..

Where can people catch you live? Any shows coming up?

We havnt been gigging for a while. We were sick of going to nights and hearing the same tunes all the time and performing without getting paid. So we separated ourselves to sort out lots of new material. We will be getting back into gigging again this year. No specific dates as of yet though.

Highlights of 2011? What are you looking forward to for 2012?

There were none. It was shit.  2012 will mainly consist of pushing shit and gigging. Mebs a UK tour.,See how the new album goes first. 

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