[NEW MUSIC] Three Kings High

Tracks by ThreeKingsHigh

Born in the cultural melting pot that is Bristol, Three Kings High consists of band members from as North and as South as England goes and they’re influenced by about as many genres as there are cities in-between.

Three Kings High is the outcome.

Rooted in Hip Hop but combining uplifting, soulful, indie melodies with beats as likely to have been inspired by drum ‘n bass as old funk records. Three Kings High deliver an uncompromised portrayal of living and working in England and write songs with a message that will stay on repeat in your head for days.

Live, Vee-Kay produces a 6 piece band fronted by Samuel Otis and Joe Chattabox who sing and rap delivering an energetic stage show that leaves an impact on indie to Hip Hop crowds alike.

Indie/Soul/Hip Hop/Pop
Vocals: Joe Eden
Vocals/Guitar: Samuel Otis
Vocals: Amy West
Producer/Engineer/MPC/Keys: Vee Kay
Drums: Luke Wookash
Bass: Rowan Ensoll
Additional Keys: Toby

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