[DON'T FLOP] The North-East Competitors

As some of you may be aware, one of our Authors, SUUS, takes part in the Don't Flop Battles. Well, It seems there are a few other rappers from the North-East taking part, and the scene is growing. Below, I've picked a few of the best... 
First up, PROFANITY, the winner of the SPEAKEASY battles wayyyy back, he was highly rated then. Check out this recent battle from Scotland. 
Next, we have an ALL GEORDIE battle featuring SUUS, and a rapper called CLICK. 
Something novel from DEFFINITION. He battle's himself. Yes, that's right. In a mirror. And it works suprisingly well, deffinately worth a watch. 
Last, but by no means at all, this last battle. CHRIS LEESE vs SUUS. Unfortunately, SUUS loses, but its VERY close, and our boy goes HARD. A blistering one this. 
You can find out more about Don't Flop and follow ALL the battles from the lovely http://dontflop.com/ 
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